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It's Easy and fun! It's like checking into your ex .... Your massage therapist...How do you know if they're legit?

Try it! It's simple and fun! Is your massage therapist licensed? Do they have any citations?

Anyone can print a certificate to hang on the wall,  is your massage therapists certificate real? 

It's like checking up on your ex. Learn if they have citations against them OR 
click here to see if they are CERTIFIED to practice  you might be surprised! 

Click here for  Nationally Board Certified results

There is a link deeper in the reading for the dirt dug up or reported against Maryland massage therapists or if they are eligible to practice still

As an example...One of my preferred modalities is Craniosacral Therapy. Craniosacral Therapy is a very intricate modality that can give great benefits to a client, if performed incorrectly it can do great damage. It is one of the most lied about modalities. Why? because it is very costly and time consuming to take the extensive training. More often, massage therapists have taken only the free introduction class and claim they are certified (or have taken classes). The introductory class is a half a day with minimal exposure compared to the 4 day course for the Craniosacral I (most of the courses with Upledger are 4 day programs). Craniosacral sessions can often cost more than most modalities due to the therapists costs to take the courses and extensive increased knowledge the therapist brings to the sessions. Check to see if your therapist has the credentials 

Craniosacral therapy is a demanding and intricate modality that has the potential for long lasting and deep impacting effect on a client if performed correctly. To be certified CST at the bare minimum 92-368 classroom hours, minimum $1000-$4000 and extensive exams and supervised hands on sessions are required. So often these day unscrupulous practitioners will advertise or offer modalities with little or no training. Why? It is expensive time consuming and they are looking for a shortcut to a more discerning clientele. 

Here is the  link specifically for  Craniosacral Therapy you can see the specific classes that your therapist is qualified to administer or not. 

Licensing, What does it mean? Why should you care? 

Licensing in Maryland started in 1997,  it's purpose as stated on the massage board page "Board Mission - Duty to Protect the Public-The primary function of the Board is to protect the Maryland healthcare public." On the link, it will state when the therapist received their certification and whether they are registered or licensed. Every two years therapists will submit a payment and proof of required updated education to be overseen by the board to be re-approved. 

It is most common that you will find someone practicing with a license but there are people that try to slip through the cracks and will misrepresent themselves. Why would someone practice without a license?

Certifications vary among states but follow similar to those listed below to be licensed or registered practitioner,  (this is for Maryland)

-Be at least 18 years of age
-Receive a criminal background check
-Be of good moral character
-Receive formal education no less than 600 hours of accredited massage school 
-Licensed is having an Associates Degree
-Registered means no Associates Degree, not qualified to work in the medical field 
-Submit fees for the license 
-Hold a current liability insurance 
-Pass the required state test
-21 credit hours of related classes, cultural diversity class, ethics class and infectious disease class every 2 years
-CPR certification
-Abide by HiPAA regulations for your privacy
-Required to put license number on business cards and publications and display license on premises

Massage school educational requirements 

-Hands on learning (giving and receiving multiple modalities)
-Myology or kinesiology
-First aid/CPR
-Infectious control
-Research and study of products used in massage, tools, lotions, oils etc and the effects of each and what the products contain

To be National Board Certified, they must also add a research class or do a research paper to maintain their credentials. Keeping up with certifications allows the practitioner to learn and grow in knowledge. it assures you, the client, that your therapist is serious about your health safety and privacy. 

How could getting services from an unlicensed massage therapist affect you? How does it benefit them? 

Without the guarantee of the most minimal of licensing requirements you could literally be putting your body and health at risk (not to mention the possibility of inappropriate behavior with your medical, financial information and sexual inappropriateness). Improper techniques, can injure instead of heal, improper protocols contra indicators missed can create more problems than they solve. Lastly the "therapy" that you have invested in will likely not take care of your issue which is a waste of your resources. This will be due to the "therapist" in-expertise, not the modality. If something detrimental happens, an unlicensed therapist will not be covered under insurance.

If you are seeing a therapist in a spa or franchise setting, often a therapist will list more modalities then they are qualified for, to attract more clientele. If you don't have a last name for a massage therapist there is no way to check license. From a small office it would benefit them by being able to list the modality in a search engine to attract more traffic to their office. 

Click here for Disciplinary Actions  of current or previous therapists   

Is your massage therapist insured? 

AMTA Insurance

ABMP Insurance

Massage Magazine Plus Insurance

How can you take action to keep your community safe? 

Here is a link to report dangerous, illegal or improper practices to keep you, your loved one and community safe! 

Your health and your body are important, massage therapist go through intensive training to assure that your body, privacy and health are respected. When the therapist graduate school and pass the exams it is imperative that they hold a thorough knowledge and understanding of the human body, not just the muscles but hygiene, first aid, kinesiology and HIPAA laws. By not checking the credentials of you therapist you could be putting your health in danger as well as throwing away your hard earned money. Protect yourself and others, use the tools above to be sure that you getting the best for your health and investment. 

In health and wellness,
Michelle S Krause LMT
National Board Certified 
State of Maryland LIC#MO6737

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