Saturday, March 31, 2018

How Healthy is Your Protein/Weight Loss Shake or Bar?

If you're anything like me, you're trying to eat right and get the best nutrition for yourself and your family and you're on the go. When I first started my search to be sure what I was buying was the healthiest my search results got "Heavy Metal Bars in Arizona and New York" hahahaha. I've since dug a bit deeper and looked up several links and thought others might benefit and not have to do so much digging so I included them for you here.

There are several unbiased links that will help you get the most information for your time invested reading. When you're done with these, you'll be able to answer....

Do you know how to read labels?
Do you know what all those words and terms mean?
Is the company using catch words and phrases to mask and draw you in?
What are the healthiest bars/shakes?
What is the best weight loss shake? (Please be sure to also read which has the most chemicals, you will want to read all articles to make your best decision).

See how your protein shakes and bars add up!

Heavy metal ratings....

Ratings for meal replacement.....

Take a look and see if you suffer from any of these side effects from protein powder, your body might not have started with these symptoms but over time, they might creep up on you.

Ratings for the healthiest protein bars

I hope this helped simplify some health choices for you. Be sure when you are looking up studies that you are not looking on a site sponsored by biased companies. There are tons of unbiased sites as these to choose from, these were just a few.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
Michelle S Krause LMT
National and MD State Licensed

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